Friday, August 17, 2007

Presenting the design flaw...

Have you ever had the experience of going to a presentation where the presenters laptop/projector did something dumb like showing a screensaver, turning off etc. Actually let's turn that around, can you recall the last time you saw a presentation where presenter's computer DIDN'T do something dumb? I've seen (and have been the presenter on occasion) when all 3 major OSes do something stupid, like suspending, showing the screensaver, installing updates and trying to reboot or deciding that now seems like a great time to reindex the hard-drive (and don't get me started on the voodoo you see people have to go through to make their in-slide movies play consistently).

How hard can it be??? Surely, this is not a difficult problem, to have the ability for presentation software to tell the computer "I'm doing something really important right now, don't do anything else!" It's a sad comment on the current state-of-art in software engineering that this still remains and outstanding problem.

Will somebody please fix it (and it will have be one of the "other" OSes because Microsoft considers unreliability a feature)?

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